The Innobarge Project – The details


A motor on the back of a small powerboat is a form of thruster.  The entire motor is moved to cause the propeller’s water flow pressure to move the boat in different directions.  Ship thrusters come in different sizes, shapes, and capabilities.    A cruise ship can move sideways into a port berth by using vectored thrusters attached at different points on the hull.  New thruster systems have emerged within the last ten years.  The Burger Boat, Maid of the Mist, utilizes Veth Thruster propulsion and is an electric-powered ferry boat used to take passengers to see Niagara Falls.  Other electric variable thrust vector systems are now on the market that are applicable to the InnoBarge project.

Thruster power is not simply stated. The concept of horse power and Bollard Pull are used. The design proposes the use of four thrusters for an aggregate of 600-800 hp. The power utilization curves show a lower power level is needed but the loss of any one thruster must be compensated for in the event of a crash stop situation.