The Innobarge Project – The details


Governmental Funding:  The US Department of Transportation (USDOT) Maritime Administration activity is described, “As the DOT agency responsible for America’s waterborne transportation system, the Maritime Administration (MARAD) is busy. At our core, we support the technical aspects of America’s maritime transportation infrastructure — things like ships and shipping, port and vessel operations, national security, environment, and safety. We promote the use of waterborne transportation and ensure that its infrastructure integrates seamlessly with other methods of transportation.”

The Department of Transportation through the Maritime Administration (MARAD) is the appropriate granting organization. Unfortunately, MARAD does not participate in the SBIR program. Phase 3 of the SBIR program is commercialization. Large organizations working as strategic partners must come together to make this project a reality.  A larger funding pool is possible once a proposed prototype of all the systems is developed.

Corporate Funding – Corporate funding through one or multiple organizations will be needed to bring this program to fruition.