The Innobarge Project – The details

Barge Structure:
The barge uses electric thrusters positioned at multiple points on the hull.  The barge can then go in any direction without changing orientation.  Batteries provide power.  A fusion of different sensors provides guidance, hazard information, and extremely accurate position control.  The deck load surface is convertible to carry, semi-trailers, containers, or package delivery systems.  An autonomous control system is used. 

Barge Pod System
Three or more Innobarge barges constitute a pod. The barges communicate with each other to maximize travel efficiency.   Integrated functionality by robotically linking barges together maximizes use flexibility.  Another multi-barge pod may be connected to provide a large heavy load platform.  A battery barge may be connected to charge the other barges while en route.  The convertible top structure is altered to meet the specific need.  The use of multiple barge pods creates significant energy and use efficiencies.  The individual pods can use smaller ports.  Energy use traveling upstream and downstream is minimized by the pod barges traveling in line, echelon, and a 90deg line.  The current energy of the river is used going downstream and minimized going upstream.