The Innobarge Project – The details


The incorporation of drone operations into the InnoBarge barge creates capabilities not found in other vessels.  The drone is an important communication tool.  Height above local terrain is important for interoperable communication.   At the present time, inland rivers do not have the same communication continuity that interstate highways do.  Cellular service in rural and variable terrain areas is not consistent.  Drones act as communication repeaters.   Visual range is significantly extended.  A long wait at an upcoming lock can be recognized and route energy management maximized.  Drone operations are also being used in commercial applications such as package delivery.   One use iteration of the InnoBarge pod is for package delivery.   Incorporating, takeoff, landing, charging methods for barge based drones adds to the list of commercially useful capabilities.  A new strategic strength is available to companies.  Inland rivers are ideal locations for drone operations.  There are very few vertical hazards over a river.  The airspace is much less congested and there are fewer takeoff and landing impediments than are found in a city.  Safety of operations is maximized.  The barge increases the range of the drones.  A large online retailer is planning three city based drone sites in Nashville Tennessee for package delivery.  The coverage area of the drones represents a population of approximately 700,000 people.  Within twenty miles of the Cumberland and Tennessee river system are over 5,000,000 people.