InnoBarge Autonomous Barge System

Innobarge was requested bythe National Science Foundation (NSF) to submit a Small Business Innovation Research Grant for research related to the Innobarge Barge System. The project outgrew the narrow research area appropriate for the NSF SBIR funding. A different research and development program has been developed.

The InnoBarge Project creates multi-purpose barge system for the US inland waterway system – Maritime Highways.  The barge is semi or fully autonomous in operation. An AI driven sensor fusion sensing system is designed to ensure safe river operations . A new port design includes a solar field to charge the barge battery pack that is designed for a rapid battery exchange.  The solar system offers supplemental power to companies located at the port in addition to charging the battery packs of the barge.

InnoBarge Presentation

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One of the pieces of the puzzle: The Port

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